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Monday, June 25, 2007

Boxing provides a second chance for pugilists to become scholars

I recently heard from the Philippine news that Manny Pacquiao was going back to college. Wow, I said to myself, he's finally putting his hard-earned cash to good use instead of wasting it all on politics or gambling. That got me thinking, boxers get into the sport because of poverty early on in their life and instead of going to school, they train. They become successful, earn a lot of money (more than enough to pay for education), spend it all on some blings, girls, alcohol, or any other vices and then go broke.
Some people are born smart, but most of us need to go to school to be smart. The world is harsh and it doesn't take pity on anybody. A boxer might take a lot of punch, but out in the world, things are not just like boxing. If you don't know how to carry yourself in the real world then people are going to take advantage of you.
I've heard about how MMA guys have college degrees and good jobs before going into the sport and that's what I like about that sport. They are already well-off and not living off on MMA alone. Boxer's, on the other hand, do it backwards. Since they start off from poverty and can't go to school early in their life, they start off with boxing first. However, when they become successful, I believe they should go back to school: the thing that they were denied when they were young.
I know this doesn't apply to all boxers out there (Juan Diaz, for example, who goes to college), but that is what boxing is famous for: an escape from poverty. Lots of young minds are attracted to the sport because of its promise to take you out of the slums when you get good enough even without education. Most boxing stars come from poor countries (Manny Pacquiao and Erik Morales, for example) But you can't go long without education. (I, myself, don't like school, but it is necessary.)
Your boxing career won't last forever and you must capitalize on it while you can. It is a dangerous sport where one can get a lot of damage, short and long term. It's gonna be hard on your body and if one can't go on anymore, education can open new doors.

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