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Friday, August 10, 2007

The Boxing World Cup looms over the horizon...(Update!)

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Mexico has been long known for its world-class boxers and it has produced many throughout boxing's history. One could say that the country of Mexico dominates the lighter divisions of boxing. However, one country has been quietly challenging Mexico's long time domination of the lighter weight classes. Queitly pouncing not only on its best fighters, but also on other country's fighters. Every fight fan knows what country I am talking about and they have seen one of the major upsets caused by this country's emerging fighters.

The country I am talking about is none other than mine: the Philippines. I'm not going to hide the fact that this article might be biased since I'm writing it, but I try to be an honest writer. Fight fans have seen and felt the big splash that Manny Pacquiao has been causing and he's not the only one doing it. Recently, other Filipino fighters have been making names for themselves and for their country. Manny Pacquiao vs. Marco Antonio Barrera 1 and his Erik Morales trilogy, Nonito Donaire vs. Vic Darchinyan, Florante Condes vs. Muhammad Rachman, Z Gorrez vs. Fernando Montiel, and Rey Bautista vs. Sergio Manuel Medina, those are just some of the most exciting fights we have seen. The Philippines continues to tighten its grip on boxing.

One such event that will finally showcase the competition of both countries in boxing is closing in on us all. The Boxing World Cup, Philippines vs. Mexico, is not far away and each country's boxing fans and fighters alike will be watching this event (that includes me, of course). The event will pit each country's best fighters against one another (too bad it doesn't include the fight between Pacquiao and Barrera, but both will be attending the event). Which country will win the cup? Well, Philippines, of course, seeing as it is my country. But seriously though, I will choose to avoid any single fight prediction in this one since getting the cup depends on which country will win the most fights and the competition is very high.

As my last and closing statement on this article, I just want to say: Good luck to the fighters from both countries and I hope to see them fight with all they've got! More info on the event on (Philippine website in English, since I'm no good at reading Spanish).

So I just called up my uncle in Folsom, CA and he told me he had breakfast with Rey Bautista, Z Gorrez, and the others. What the hell?! I told him: How did you know where they stayed? He said he checked and saw the address there and then got driving directions for it. I mean, he just knocked on their door and straight up asked them for breakfast! Although being the good people that they were, they agreed and my uncle told me that they were really nice people. As for myself who is really far away from Sacramento right now, I just asked my uncle, who will be ringside, if I could have their autographs.


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