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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Israel Vazquez defeats Rafael Marquez in the sixth!

In what one could consider a bloody brawlfest (which was better than the first fight, in my opinion), Israel Vazquez shocked Rafael Marquez with a left hook in the early opening of round six, and went for the kill on Marquez who was still fighting back when referee Guadalupe Garcia stopped the fight. It seemed that what Vazquez had in store for Marquez was a fierce left hook and a renewed determination and hard training that clearly showed tonight. Marquez had a harder time with Vazquez than during their first fight, but each fighter was clearly hungry for the win. Each had caused cuts on each other in the early rounds which made it a bloody fight from the start.
They started exchanging punches fiercely throughout the round, but Vazquez was the better fighter in the ring tonight staggering Marquez in round three and finally stopping him on the sixth. Although the stoppage might cause controversy again because Marquez was still fighting back, I think Vazquez would've still won the fight and he said that if it wasn't stopped during round six, he would've stopped him in the next. This controversial stoppage can only mean one thing for both fighters and fight fans: a third fight. Both fighters have expressed their interest in a third fight and it is highly possible to happen. We can only look forward to the last chapter in this newly born trilogy. Additional info on

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