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Friday, August 3, 2007

Rafael Marquez vs. Israel Vazquez rematch is today on Showtime 9pm ET/PT!

The rematch between these two exciting fighters is today and if anybody has Showtime then you should watch it. Rafael Marquez, the brother of Juan Manuel Marquez, will defend his WBC Super Bantamweight title against Israel Vazquez for the second time. As most fight fans already know, Israel Vazquez lost to Rafael in their first match when he quit the fight in the seventh, probably either due to an injury or he just doesn't have the heart. Marquez was clearly the better fighter that night staggering Vazquez several times while Vazquez himself did fought valiantly. Rafael clearly has the better boxing skills giving Israel a hard time that night. I still believe Vazquez could have continued the fight, but if a fighter tells his coach he wants to quit, I think there's nothing he can do (or us fight fans). Tonight they are having their rematch and I hope both fighters fight to the end this time, no quitting. If Vazquez wins this fight, then we are going to have ourselves another great trilogy if a third fight becomes possible. I think Rafael Marquez still has the better technique and heart; however, Israel Vazquez will come out hungry for the win tonight and he has trained hard for it. Who knows what Israel has in store for Rafael come fight night, but my prediction leans toward a second win for Rafael Marquez via a knockout during the late rounds (or Vazquez quitting the fight again). For those of us whose memories need to be refreshed, here's a short video summary of their first fight:

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