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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Alfonso Gomez knocks out Gatti in the seventh, Kermit Cintron wins by knockout over Walter Matthysse on the second!

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It seems that Arturo Gatti should be considering retirement. After seven six rounds of fighting, Alfonso Gomez finally broke Gatti down and won by knockout on the seventh round! Considering that Gatti is way past his prime and have been having a very hardtime with his recent opponents, I don't think he should continue. Alfonso Gomez, on the other hand, has a lot in front of him after beating Arturo Gatti and he should be looking for bigger fights. Update: says that Arturo Gatti is, in fact, hanging up his gloves as he told HBO after the fight.

In another fight this evening, Kermit Cintron demolishes Walter Matthysse in only two rounds! After knocking Matthysse out in the first round, he proceeded to knock him out on the second round eventually winning the fight.

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Anonymous said...

Kermit Cintron is a champion! He found the one guy who seems to have his number in Antonio Margarito but after this last fight against Cotto...I think everyone finally sees just how dominating a force Margarito is!

I'd take my shot with Cintron vs. any other welterweight out there...any of them! He's 29-0 with 27KO's without the 2 Margarito fights.

I can't wait to see him back in the ring. Heard rumors a November fight is buzzing??