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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Michael Katsidis vs. Czar Amonsot tonight!

Tonight on the Bernard Hopkins - Winky Wright undercard, another one of my fellow Filipino fighters will again be faced with an undefeated Australian opponent (think Darchinyan-Donaire). Czar Amonsot (18-2-1 10 KO's) of the Philippines will be fighting Michael Katsidis (22-0 20 KO's) for the WBO Lightweight title. Both of Amonsot's loss were against Simson Butar Butar of Indonesia although I regret to say that Czar was unprepared for both fights. But now with the help of his team he is more than prepared and during the weigh-in was 133 lbs, 2 lbs under the 135 lb division while Katsidis was 135 lbs. Again this match may be compared to Darchinyan-Donaire, but I don't see any similarities in this fight since Katsidis is clearly not what you would call a Darchinyan kind of fighter, he is a good fighter. However, Czar Amonsot is also a good fighter that just needs a good mentor to bring out the best in him and I do think that he is in the best shape coming in to this fight. Although chances might go against Amonsot just looking at his and Katsidis' records, I will be going for him and I predict Czar Amonsot by either late round knockout or unanimous decision. Good luck to all the fighters tonight.

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