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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Vic Darchinyan vs. Nonito Donaire Jr., will Nonito get his revenge?

Vic Darchinyan defeated Glenn Donaire via a technical knockout due to a broken jaw which Glenn claims it was because Darchinyan elbowed him. Now little bro is out for revenge against Darchinyan! Does he have a chance? Judging by his record alone, I don't think so, but his brother Glenn's performance against Darchinyan wasn't all that good. Glenn was the one who told the referee to stop the fight because of his injury which means that he doesn't have heart. Glenn was clearly overcome by Vic's power. Now if Nonito has heart and boxing skills, I think he has a chance. Vic isn't very good when it comes to skills, but he is strong and fast. Although Nonito is my countryman, Vic Darchinyan has a higher percentage of winning, but I do hope Nonito wins and brings the Philippines its true first legitimate World Champion. More at (Picture from

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