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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hopkins vs. Wright, will it be worth watching?

July 21st will see Bernard Hopkins and Winky Wright facing each other in an HBO Pay-per-view event. Both these guys have been great fighters and their records speak for itself. Bernard Hopkins looked great in demolishing Antonio Tarver, Felix Trinidad, and stopping Oscar De La Hoya. Winky Wright had two wins over Shane Mosley, a win over Felix Trinidad and Ike Quartey, and a draw with Jermain Taylor (which I thought he won). Lots of good fighters on their records and both of them fought the same guys in Felix Trinidad and Jermain Taylor. It's about time they fought each other, but I think they waited too long. These guys should've fought when they were both younger then it would have been more interesting. These guys are best known for their defense than their offense and for them to have an exciting fight, their opponents should be the one pushing the action to them. In other words, they do good when faced against offensive fighters like Felix Trinidad, for example. But what would happen when two defensive geniuses are faced against each other? I think they would just be defending against each other, but one of them has to push the action. Although this might be a good match-up, I don't think this will be an exciting fight (although it will be more exciting than Mayweather's fights). If you were a fan of both fighters in the past then you would watch it, but for casual fans looking for action, just watch the replay. I don't expect a knockout, but a decision and I think Winky will take the decision. He is the younger fighter and maybe faster considering that Hopkins is getting old. Nonetheless, expect a very technical fight much like playing chess. Winky Wright by unanimous decision.