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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Savant Young loses to Ryan Schultz by decision!

I got home late yesterday and I only caught about 30 minutes of IFL Battlegrounds which airs every Monday here on my local channel. The show pits one MMA team against another and who ever wins move closer to the finals. Last night was Tokyo Sabers against the, I think it was the Portland Wolfpacks, and the last fight was Savant Young against Ryan Schultz. Both fighters were cautious and the crowd ended up booing them. Schultz got Young with a vicious hook before backing up and Savant answers with a punch of his own that missed. The second round found the two fighters on the ground, but neither of them could break each other's defenses and ended up standing again and being cautious which brought them more boos from the crowd. Third round brought an exciting turnaround as Schultz dominated Savant Young on the ground, but Savant wouldn't be submitted. The fight went to the judges with Schultz decisioning Young.

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